My name is William Sullivan, and this is a journal of my adventures.  When I was a child, my Dad would take me on all kinds of outdoor exploits.  These ended up being some of my greatest memories.  I immediately fell in love with the outdoors..  There is something about the crispness of the mountain air, the raw power of the storms, the beauty of the vistas on top of the mountains, that seems to make hiking worth it.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
— John Muir

In high school I went on two Outward Bound programs.  The first one, I was sent on, perhaps against my will.  I spent 2 beautiful weeks in Maine, on a canoe and backpacking trip.  The second Outward Bound program, I had chosen to go on, and spent a month climbing the Rockies in Colorado.  I climbed a couple 12, 13,000 ft and even a 14,000 ft Mountain.  It was humbling, it was awesome.  I lost my journal and pictures however..

Thinking about these experiences from time to time made me wish I had created a space online where I could visit and think back about my adventures, look at pictures etc.  So here we are!  Enjoy.


On all my trips, I try to bring a good book or two.  It helps me fall asleep, and sometimes the reading material tunes me into my surroundings and vice versa!  Reading Walt Whitman or Henry David Thoreau while hiking in Maine, etc.  While it does get heavy to pack out many books,

I have found just bringing my old fashioned cheap Kindledoes the trick.

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Anyways, Cheers and Happy Adventuring!



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