Life Happens

One of the reasons I have decided to put life on hold for a little bit, while I explore the Appalachians is because… Life is happening very fast.  I have been bad at posting over the last month because, life happens.  Physics homework, social networking, cleaning, drinking, playing, chores, work, mundane tasks, driving, refueling, excercising, eating, sleeping.. It is all a vicious cycle, a beautifully vicious cycle.  It’s great, living life day to day, but it is easy to lose sight of the future.  I have honestly not been posting, preparing, purchasing gear for the entire last month.  I have been caught up in the daily grind, which luckily also sent me to Austin City Limits music festival.  But I realized, looking at how long it has been since I have last taken a look at this trip, that a whole month passed by, and it moved fast!

This will be a great opportunity to put a hold on everything, and enjoy the day to day menial struggles of life.  Where will I sleep tonight?  What will I eat for the next couple days?  Where is the next place to get water?  These will replace my current thoughts (mortgage payments, How can I still get an A in physics, why do I hate work so much, I need gas again?!, where did my effing savings account go?!)  A simpler, easier life.

So back to planning.  I have decided to quit my job in late February, right before my 30th birthday, and road trip with some friends to Vegas, before returning, packing and driving my dog out to MA, where my amazing parents will watch that little terror.  Right now, it is saving money time, I still need lots of gear, and of course, hiking the desert on my days off.  I’ll continue to kick ass at Physics, be the good little ant I am at work, living a normal life… But I know, soon, and I mean less than 4 months, I will be set free, and reawakened form this groggy dream state life has put me in :).


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