Day 152 – Mt. Katahdin!

Abol bridge to Mt. Katahdin – 15.1 miles (plus 5.1 mile hike back to parking lot)

2185.3 / 0.0

So I guess my trip all boils down to this final day.  Everything I have been doing, working for, thinking about, etc for the last 5 months is on this mountain I’m sure.  It just builds up to one last day.  And it was a short day, but it couldn’t have went better.  We were up around 4:30 am because we still had to hike 10 miles BEFORE we got a chance to hike Katahdin.  As I said, the campsites were all full being that it was a weekend.  The 10 miles were breeze though, we were able to do them by 8 am.

We arrived at the ranger station and dropped our packs off.  We are able to pick up loaner packs to do a quick day hike up the mountain.  None of us will need our stoves, sleeping bags, tents etc.  Ran into Sole Power checking in, and hiked with him and Fresh.  We were exhausted, but flying up the mountain.  We passed huge groups of people, nothing could slow us down.  We did get stuck in some lines as the hike became a lot more technical, the boulder section right before the table top.  Could not have asked for better weather, although a bit cold, it was very sunny out.

Immediately after clmbing above treeline, the views were stunning,  We were surrounded by pointy rocky mountains that seemed to tower over the valley below.  The boulders became huge, and there was some rebar set into the rock to help out.  Once on the tabletop, we ran into the 4 girls I had hiked with previously, on their way back.  I chastised them for leaving the mountain so early (it was 10 am) as I wanted a big ol group of homeless hikers to hang out with at top.  They let us know that Gandalf and them were only a couple hundred yards ahead.  Fresh started running.

We ran into Gandalf and Goat right before the summit.  Mind you, I had hiked with these guys on and off since Hot Springs, North Carolina.  Almost 2000 miles on and off.  It was so good to see them once more before the trip ended, especially to get to summit with them.  Once on top, we ran into Figgy and Kamikaze, who I actually havent seen since Virginia.  A great group to be on top with!  I thought I would get emotional, but that did not happen yet, we took a ton of pictures with the sign, Figgy and some others brought beer and champaign up, and I had a couple drinks to celebrate.

This was it!

Afterwards we were invited out to Moosehead lake to party.  Lobsters, boats, drinks, thru hikers, good times!

Thank you all for keeping up with me!














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19 Responses to Day 152 – Mt. Katahdin!

  1. Lobstahs at the lake sounds like a great way to celebrate the end of a very long walk. Thanks for sharing it with us in so many posts!

  2. john says:

    Congratulations to stretch, fresh, gandalf, and all the other thru hikers that I met for their tremendous perseverance and accomplishment. You’ve actually done what so many of us dreamed of doing. Very impressive. Thanks Will for your great blog and pictures that kept us entertained and connected. Quite an adventure!

  3. tedmetzger says:

    On top of the world! Congrats from Roanoke VA! It’s been a wonderful blog experience you’ve shared, along with some great photos! I’ll miss the dailies but all good things come to an end sooner or later. Thanks for the adventure! For you it was one to remember forever!

  4. Katy Corthell says:

    Hey Will! This is your Dad’s secretary since 1986 responding (thinking you may not recognize the name). I’ve read your blog & viewed all the pictures since around Day 8 or so and I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed following your journey! Your entries were well written and the pictures! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your admirable, inspiring experience with me.


  5. greenpete58 says:

    Many congratulations from this here section hiker. Yours is a great achievement. Don’t know how anyone can persevere like you did. It’s something you can remember all your life. Way to go!!

  6. Molly says:

    Epic and entertaining.

  7. Van Nomads says:

    Awesome man!!! Congrats!

  8. Will, I’ve been following your blog since you started and wanted to say congratulations on completing your epic journey. I’m one of the many section hikers who only get out a couple times a year but dreams of having the time off to do a thru hike. Thanks for sharing your experience (I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your progress) and best of luck in your next endeavor.

  9. Kristin says:


  10. Site '08 says:

    Congrats !!! Enjoy the day of relaxation and realization after the end !!! You did it and after following your journey, you brought back some great memories for me !!!

  11. WILLIAM!!!!! I swear everytime i log on to this your daily stories amaze me! I still cant believe youre out there! I think about you so much at random times of the day or week. ON netflix there documentaries about the trail your own and when i saw it, it made me cry a little hahah you’re so adventurous and brave to do this!!! id probably be dead if i came along haha! I miss you. Be safe, ill be reading on. At least its almost october :).. kinda..

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