Day 151 – Maine

Rainbow river lean-to to Abol Pines campsite – 15.0 miles

15.1 / 2170.2

Tomorrow is the last day. It’s crazy to think, my trip will be at an end in less than 24 hours. Tonight will be the last night I spend outdoors.  Sad.  Yet beautiful.  We had the opportunity to camp out at Abol Pines campsite, right next to a beautiful view of Katahdin, on the river Thereau himself canoed to on his way to summit.  This is the great wilderness.  Today we were turned around at Abol, the campsites surrounding Katahdin were full.  It looks like to summit tomorrow, we must hike 10 miles first.  I’m ok with this, too excited to care.

We ran into Sole Power around 4 pm, after not seeing him since Viriginia.  We all look quite homeless now, and he is no better.  He actually wore the same shirt, and it is horrible.  I believe this was what the Derelicte campaign of Zoolander was all about.  We sat around, having a couple beers and just looking out at the river, all of us in disbelief that our trip ends tomorrow.  How have 5 months slipped by so fast?

We have been informed from one of the ridge runners that most of our friends are at the campsite and are summiting tomorrow.  I would love to run into the likes of Gandalf, Kamikaze, Figgy etc.  Tomorrow will be a good day!







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2 Responses to Day 151 – Maine

  1. Shawn German says:

    I hope you guys had a great time. I really wish I would have offered you a chance to stay here in PA for the night. Drink beer, eat and talk. Keep me posted on how things are going after the AT.

  2. Van Nomads says:

    I wish you the best on your last leg today.

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