Day 150 – Maine

Cooper Brooke Falls Lean-to to Rainbow Stream Lean-to – 29.6 miles
2155.2 / 30.1

Huge day!  Almost 30 miles, forgot what that was like.  It’s a beautifully painful feeling. We were able to crush 15.7 miles by 12:30, it’s always good to get the majority of them done early, because you don’t really feel like continuing your hike after dinner, after dark, etc.  You CAN, but ugh.  Waking up in the morning after a 30 is rarely fun.  Especially after not sleeping well.  So for lunch, after doing 16 miles our attitude was pretty good.  We took a long lunch, taking our shoes off, trying to dry our socks etc.  We had a couple of river crossings to do before lunch.  Maine does not have bridges on most rivers, instead you must navigate your way across rivers, staying dry if you can, although you are usually up to your knees in water.

After lunch was a different story.  The terrain became once again difficult.  We were not able to do as many miles as fast as previously.  Add to that the weather changed for the worse.  We had been getting afternoon storms as of late and today was no different.  Except todays storm packed a powerful punch!  I saw it off in the distant, an anvil cloud, one you could tell just by looking at it, that it had a powerful updraft.  I thought we would be fine, it looked 3-4 hours off to the distance.  1 hour later I was listening to thunder and cursing.  We made it to a shelter with 8 miles to go to make 29 miles.  Mind you we had already traveled 21 miles by now, tired and it was 4:30 pm.  We could hear and feel the storm approach, I knew it would be a big one, but we left anyways.

And we began to climb the one mountain we had left, just a 1000 ft climb, but currently in a lightning storm.  Lightning started striking very close, scaring us.  Then the rain started.  It was just sprinkling when we spotted a cave.   Big enough for 4 people Ha!  How is that for luck.  Got in instead of hiking thru it, thankfully.  It started hailing almost immediately.  Not quite golf ball size, but a large marble.  We had a safety meeting and I took a short video of the weather to show off with.  :).  It stopped and we were on our way.

But that stopped us for too long, it was dark when we arrived to the campsite, the shelter full, the campsite completely full, we were soaked and now had to set up our tents on uneven ground.  Oh well, we did a huge day and survived the storm of the summer!  Plus we have 30 miles left, I can’t complain when my trip is this close to over.  Once the storm ended we were able to finish climbing our one mountain and were rewarded with one of the most breathtaking views of the summer.  Katahdin in the distance, storm clouds on the horizon.  We were able to see many beautiful views of the mountain we had been chasing all summer.  It is finally coming to a close, I can see the end.















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