Day 149 – Maine

Sorry I have not posted until now!  I have summited (I’ll get to that in a later post), traveling around Maine to various islands, houses etc.  Have not had internet til today so bear with me.  Thanks!

Gulf Hagas Stream to Cooper Brooke Falls Lean-to – 22.1 miles
2125.6 / 59.7

I forgot how good it feels to put up big miles. I’m at the dopest shelter (swimming hole, waterfall, Brooke, best privy ever) and it’s been a cruisy day. It was hard getting started as it was raining when we woke up. I stayed in my tent til 7 and got up when it finished raining. Hit the road at 7:45. At first the going was tough, we had 4 mountains with 5000 ft elevation to climb. But we made pretty good time.

We ate every couple miles which helped with the energy and every time we took a break it started raining which helped with the time. :). Before we knew it we were 9 miles to the top of White Cap, the last big mountain until Katahdin. We had lunch and started a faster pace. The rest of the day was pretty much downhill and easy terrain. We made the remaining 13 miles in 6 hours ish with an hour break.

Some great views of lakes and ponds. I’ve loved Maine and I really like this section. Sad to think there are only 59 miles left. But my mind has started to wander to what I’ll be doing in real life again.







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