Day 148 – Maine

Long Pond Stream to Gulf Hagas stream – 18.0 miles
2103.5 / 81.8

Another rough day. I started feeling better and was out of camp at 7:30. We climbed up and over 4 mountains today. The first one was 2000 ft but we were pretty quick. My stomach started turning towards lunch again, and I’ve been in rough shape since. I’ll spare the details.

It was beautiful hiking and the sun was out. I was able to dry all my wet stuff from last night relatively quickly on big open rocks in the sun with views of the valley. Ran into a ridiculous amount of people today also. I think we’ve seen 60 people and we’ve only gone 30 miles. It’s a good section of trail so I can see why it’s so popular.

So many fresh wild blueberries!





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One Response to Day 148 – Maine

  1. max1038 says:

    Good to hear from you happy to hear you are handling the wilderness ok. RodProd has finished his hike about a week ago & is home by now.

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