Day 147 – Maine

Leeman Brooke lean-to to Long Pond Stream – 11.3 miles
2085.1 / 100.2

After 2 days in the 100 mile wilderness, and we have made a total of 14.3 miles out of 100 on 5 days worth of food supply.  The noro has become a danger.

Woke up after what seemed like 15 hours feeling well rested but still uneasy. Hit the privy a couple more times and tried to get going. Got on the trail around 8:30. At first it was slow going, I was pretty dehydrated and still sick and didn’t really eat anything yesterday. I was impressed that I could eat breakfast but it was tough.

The terrain was pretty easy, we had a couple rivers to ford and it was raining on and off all day. The rocks were super slippery and I fell for the 25th time. The 100 mile wilderness doesn’t seem very wildernessy. I’ve seen 31 people in the first 15 miles. Very crowded.

We were able to set up our tents between the down pours, and even got a fire going in between, to dry our socks and shoes. Were stealth camping at the river so should be great background noise for a good night sleep.




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