Day 146 – Maine


Monson Maine to the very first shelter – 3.0 miles
2073.8 / 111.5

I woke up at 2:30 am feeling TERRIBLE pain in my stomach.  After 20 minutes of breathing heavy and trying to hold it down, I heard Fresh’s tent unzip and the puking began.  Shortly after, I was puking outside my own tent.  Noro-Virus was here.  Yet for some reason we hiked on with 0 sleep and dehydration.  The 100 mile wilderness was calling.  It said, “I dare you.”


This is what I managed write.

Dying all day. I could barely eat any breakfast I was just queezy. It took me like 2.5 hours to pack up. We thought maybe we just have noro so if so it should only last 24/48 hours. We can make it a short day.

Once we started we were seriously hurting. It took us quite a while to manage 3 miles. I felt like throwing up the entire time.

We got to the shelter and I set up my tent at 12:30. I stayed in it from 1 pm til 7 the next morning. Had to get up a couple times to run to the privy. Ugh. No pictures sorry!

Hopefully will feel better soon!


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