Day 145 – Maine

West branch of Piscataquis river to Monson Maine – 12.0 miles
2070.8 / 114.5

Woke up at 5:30 on the dot because it’s a town day! I love town days. Food showers and laundry oh my. It was a super cruisy 12 miles and we were to town by 11 am. I got breakfast lunch and dinner. My last resupply! Called my parents as this will be my last day with service.

Tomorrow I venture into the 100 mile wilderness. Which is actually today because I wrote nothing yesterday. Mind boggling right?

Finally caught Noro. Dying. Throwing up and the runs all night. Gonna be a nice 3.5 mile day today when I feel better.

Wish me luck!




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3 Responses to Day 145 – Maine

  1. Van Nomads says:

    Sorry to here about that man. Feel better.

  2. Louise says:

    Sounds scary! But you are ready for it! See you back in Andover!

  3. shawn german says:

    Remember me from PA.? I gave you a ride to the Jailhouse. I read you posts everyday.
    Shawn German

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