Day 141 – Maine

Little Bigelow Lean-to to Long Falls Dam Rd – 4.2 miles
2016.6 / 168.7

Last one to Katahdin wins! Ok, so I’m kind of ahead, I’ve started becoming distracted on the trail. I can literally stop almost anywhere on the trail and pick wild raspberries and blueberries. And they are delicious! But here’s the real reason we only hiked 4 miles today.

I woke up at 5:30, fully intending on getting up at 6. I fell back asleep and woke up at 6, but realized it was cold out and all my stuff was wet. Since it was pouring last night Fresh and I set up our tents on the last tent platform available. Freshes alarm went off and he didn’t budge, this was the perfect day to sleep in. It was cold and grey out, but in my sleeping bag I was warm and dry. I didn’t see the point of getting out of my sleeping bag. So I slept again til 7:30. I knew the sun might make an appearance so I kept dozing. I heard Fresh move and once establishing we were both up we decided last one out of bed wins.

Well I finally got out if bed at 8:30, the sun was out, and it looked like it was about to become a beautiful day. We decided to dry our stuff and there was no hurry. I ate a big cooked breakfast of mac and cheese and made coffee and really took my time, and we were out of camp at 11:15. It was so nice out now! The terrain became the easiest ever, slow downhills with no rocks on the path and we did the 4.2 miles in about 1 hr 30 min.

At that moment we decided to have lunch, and that very decision was the butterfly effect for the rest of the day. We sat near the road and ate and relaxed. A minivan approached and a mom dropped her kids and husband off for a trip. I asked her jokingly if she had any cokes to sell and she said no but had a banana and a blueberry muffin for each of us. Whaaaaat! Our day just got better. As we were sitting there saying how lucky we were, a guy on a bike rode up and started asking us questions about our hike. Told us he knew of a place down the rd a couple miles that had great food. I was intrigued.. He said it’s the flagstaff lake hut, and for $100 we could get breakfast lunch and dinner. Umm a little out of our price range but sounds nice.

‘Oh but wait!’ He said. ‘Theres only 5 guests tonight, you guys could stack wood for us do some dishes and stay and eat for free’! Done! Got directions and set out 5 miles out of the way to our new destination. And that is how we hiked just 4.2 miles of trail today.

The hut was like a mansion. It had everything. Electricity, actual toilets, water, showers, great food, etc. this turned into the best day ever. Did I mention they had the best lake view ever?! I spent hours down there. Then we had dinner of pulled pork, coleslaw, cornbread, beans, etc. amazing! In the morning we had French toast with home made bread, bacon and eggs. They let us pack out sandwiches, chocolate chips, pot roast, apples, leftover French toast, so much food!

Best 4 mile day yet.
















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  1. You now look like Tom hanks from cast away in this picture above! You need a Wilson tehe

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