Day 140 – Maine

Cranberry Stream Campsite to Little Biggelow Lean-to – 13.4 miles
2012.4 / 172.9

A very rough day indeed! It started with a 2500 ft climb in 3 miles. It took me 2 hours! I was exhausted by the top and took a break. Fresh wasn’t too far behind me, and behind him was Deep Blue, who was so tired yesterday he just slept right on the trail. We moved on to South Horn and then off to West and Avery Peaks. They were all tough climbs and by Avery it started to rain. They were all above treeline and we had some 40 mph winds knocking us around.

Well the rain didn’t stop. It only increased in intensity. We actually had lunch under a boulder to get out of it for a little but when we hit he trail again it just kept raining. Only when we reached the shelter, and we were completely soaked, did it stop raining. The shelter was full so we tented. I was in bed and dry by 7 but them more storms came and it rained on us all night.

The best part of the day was picking blueberries







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