Day 136 – Maine

Bemis Stream Campsite to Plazza Rock Lean-to – 16 miles
1966.7 / 218.6

The rain lasted all night, and when we got up, our stuff was soaked. I had spent 15 hours in my tent and I think I loved every minute of it. I needed rest. It turned out to be the most beautiful day out! Low 70s and breezy, 60s in the mountains. I got some great views of mooselookmiguntic lake (I made up the spelling but it exists!). My parents have a cabin in Rangley Maine and I’ve been to that lake! Very exciting.

I made it to the shelter I was going to be at last night for my first break. Mary poppins and figgy were there. I had lunch at a campsite by a lake. It was beautiful with canoes and everything. I hung out my tent and rain jacket to dry. Life is just good today! Made it to the shelter I stayed at by 5 and it was packed with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Found an awesome spot to camp at away from the crowds.






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