Day 135 – Maine

South Arm Rd to Bemis Stream Campsite – 12.2 miles
1950.7 / 238.1

Another brutally hot and humid day. This one ended with huge thunderstorms that are still ongoing, so you can imagine the humidity. I got a ride to the trail around 8:30, so I got another late start. The hike started with Old Blue Mountain, a 2200 ft climb around 2.8 miles. I was soaked in sweat and very tired so it was rough going! I had a snack on top with Mary Poppins and continued down the road. Before I knew it I ran into Figgy who I haven’t seen in a bit. It’s always crazy on the trail with people popping in and out of your life.

We made it to the shelter around 1:20 and it was starting to look bad out. The storms were supposed to hit between 1 and 4, but everyone wanted to push on another 8 miles to make a 17 mile day. Thin mint and Davinci also made an appearance at the shelter and wanted to push on also. I left first at 2 and Figgy ran me down soon. There was a 3 mile hike down over the ridge line to Bemis Stream, which we had to ford. But shortly before arriving the sky turned pitch black, and thunder was in the distance.

We made it to the camp site when it first started to sprinkle, and Figgy looked at the sky and said I’m setting up a tent til this passes. This peaked my curiosity because I was tired anyways but I wasn’t sold. Figgy was about halfway done with his tent before I heard a huge crash of thunder, and the dark sky was getting closer. I too started setting up my tent. Davinci and thin mint decided to keep going so we waved at them from the campsite and wished them luck. Then Mary poppins came running in and started setting up her tent in a hurry. It was only 3:30.

Another huge bolt of lightning and rain drops as I was finishing up my rain fly. Da Vinci and thin mint came sprinting back and started frantically setting their tents up. Just as I got my fly on it came down in a torrent. The 5 of us have been camped out in pouring rain, on a spur of the moment decision, for the last 3 hours. I’m super cozy and dry and am just listening to the rain hit my tent and the thunder boom.









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