Day 134 – Maine

E.B. Rd to South Arm Rd -10.1 miles
1938.5 / 246.8

Pine Ellis offers Slackpacking from each exit to Andover. This is about a 10 mile very steep section, and I love me a good slack pack so I was in. Me and Uff-da chose to sleep in and get the 10 am shuttle to the trail. Bad idea. It was 86 and humid. I should have hiked those miles in the morning.

We hiked the first half pretty quick and then we came to the steepest section of the trail so far. It was 1400 vertical feet, in .8 miles. But to make matters worse, 1000 of those ft were earned in the first .4 miles. Insane. Add to that the heat and humidity and I was dying. We made it, and waited 45 minutes for a ride back. I was able to kill about 6 deer flies. I deserved a beer.

Got dinner, and ran into Fresh, haven’t seen him in a couple weeks. We all stayed at the cabin together with Mary poppins and diesel. Good times, and more to be had tomorrow.





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