Day 131 – NH / ME

White Mountain Hostel and Lodge to Carlo Col Shelter – 17.0 miles
1904.0 / 281.3

The large daily miles are starting to add up again. My body hurts! We’ve passed the 1900 mark! And also I am now in Maine! The last state. 281 miles left. The countdown is on. Most people are ready to be done. I’m not sold on that yet. Yes, every day is an immense physical and mental challenge. But only because I choose it to be. When it gets too much I take a slow day and sit on top of a mountain and think about what if be doing in the real world right now. This is better.

So today started out pretty easily. Went up a couple mountains and had no real cool views. I originally was going to go 7 or 12, but just felt good enough to go 17. The last 5 were rough! I climbed mt success, and the views were great and I was so exhausted that I had to take a break. I laid there looking out at Mt Washington just being in the moment. I was having a tough time of it today so that helped. I them climbed down the mountain. Straight down over sheet rock, which was wet. I fell for the 18th time this trip, not a bad one.

A couple parts were almost impossible to navigate, I got my pack stuck between rocks etc. I finally made it to Maine at 7 pm. Cooked dinner and got to bed! Tomorrow I climb mahoosic notch, hardest mile on the AT! Time for sleep.







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