Day 130 – NH

Pinkham Notch to White Mountain Hostel and Lodge – 21.1 miles
1887.0 / 298.3

Today was an enormous day. 21 miles in the whites is a loooong day. Starting with Wildcat E, a 2000 ft straight up climb. First off we had breakfast at the hostel which was awesome. Plenty of good food, I didn’t leave hungry. We got a shuttle to Pinkham notch at 8 am to start our day. It was a slack pack day, so just day packs. Wildcat was a real butt kicker, but we managed to climb it in 1.5 hours.

We went over the wildcat range and down 1500 ft to Carter Hut. They had free pancakes out! I murdered a bunch, filled up my 2nd liter of water and started the 1500 ft climb straight up carter.



We were atop the Carter’s for a while and Mt Heights which had a great view back to the presidential range.



After that we tried to run and we got so tired. Coming down North Carter was straight down, and very slippery. Mary poppins literally took off her back pack and kept tossing it down the mountain. We finally made it back to the hostel around 6 pm. I am dead.


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4 Responses to Day 130 – NH

  1. Even without a full pack, 21 miles in the Whites is absolutely ridiculous. Well done man!

  2. John says:

    21 miles! Over and down that stuff! I feel sore thinking about it. That’s a rugged area. Lake of the clouds or Madison was about where we met Moses, and had to stay pretty far away from him to avoid the smell. Keep at it!

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