Day 129 – NH

Lake of the Clouds hut to Pinkham Notch – 14.8 miles
1866.0 / 319.3

I am alive, but barely. I bravely slept on the floor of the hut like a homeless person last night. I was fair game to teenagers staying up late in my bedroom (the dining room of the hut) and people who had to get up and pee all night with flashlights shining in the homeless persons face. Then, I woke up and waited for all the real people to eat before I Oliver Twisted my way into the kitchen to eat the cold leftovers. Afterwards, I murdered Mt Washington, passing all the real people who wouldn’t look me in the eye the day before, leaving them in my dust. I overheard ‘damn he’s fast’. I turned from homeless to Hiker Jesus like that.

Of course I ran out of wind making my way past everyone in my efforts to win them over with my thru hiker super powers of endurance. I thought there we’re only 2 groups and passed the 2nd one sweating and out of breath, only to find a 3rd group I must race past up ahead. I was like a sweating race horse as I passed them, barely able to breathe out a thank you, as they stepped aside. Was I going to take a break in front of them? Let them see me being tired? Of course not. I raced up and once out of sight, lay dying and gasping for air on the summit.

That was how my day began! Mt Washington was beautiful, the clouds parted the entire way up!





After Mt Washington, I killed myself climbing the other Prezzies. I even went out of my way to bag Mt Adams (my 40th out of 48 of the 4000 footers in the whites). That’s right Dad! I must have thought I had energy. I made it down to Madison hut around 1 pm, exhausted and at the halfway point. I ate a quick lunch and kept moving. Apparently the Trail decided to climb another 4000 footer (Madison) BEFORE going down 3000 feet. Once on top, I was literally out of energy. I started going 1 mile per hour in a zombie trance. I barely made it out alive. I didn’t get to the notch until 7 pm. Blah. However! Beautiful day! Another one in the books.






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