Day 127 – NH

Garfield campsite to Ethan Pond campsite – 14.5 miles
1837.0 / 348.3

The first 2.7 miles took forrrrevvveerrrrr. We headed straight down Garfield which was essentially the trail / a river. It was slippery and slow going. The rest was wet boulder hopping. However, after that things sped up a little bit. 2.7 miles took us to Galehead hut, where I arrived at 8:45 am. I asked if they had any breakfast leftovers and they did! (Huts give leftovers away to hikers for free-ish because they have to hike it out if not). We were offered oatmeal hash browns coffee and coffee cake! Murdered it, helped clean dishes afterwards and bounced.

The rest of the day was relatively easy. We went up on a Ridgeline for a little bit and even though it wasn’t raining yet, it was socked in by clouds. I ended up taking a wrong turn and doing an extra 1.4 miles at Guyot campsite! I eventually made it to Zealand Falls hut for lunch around 1:30. I bought soup (they offer items for sale throughout the day) and ate and left. Then it was super easy! 5 miles of completely flat trail with minimal rocks. With about 1.5 miles left it started pouring, probably because our stuff just started drying. We were soaked again.

The shelter was almost full when we got there, there was room for 2. Me and dinosaur got those spots. It’s a full house and the caretaker just played guitar and banjo for us for like an hour. Great way to end the day.






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  1. i cant believe your still going! Its really amazing. keep going so i can keep reading.

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