Day 124 – NH

Kinsman Notch to Franconia Notch – 16.4 miles
1812.2 / 373.1

I woke up at 6 am in a haze. Ugh, I have to hike the Whites, hungover! It was tough getting going. But got my stuff together and Legion took my pack to Lincoln NH to a guys house named Chet’s. Today is a slack pack!

At Kinsman Notch it went straight up. I was tired, and it took a while. Climbed a couple mountains and ran into Mary poppins, driveway, and 2 section hikers. I passed them and all shelters and made it to Kinsman South by 1 pm. This was a 3000 ft climb, almost straight up. I had to put my poles aside and use my hands on this one! Hangover, woo! But the views again were incredible!



So I descended the horrible backside of kinsman north, pretty much straight down to lonesome lake hut. Our first pay to stay AMC hut. Apparently it’s $100 or something exorbitant but they let hikers do a work for stay, with limited availability. Usually 4 people. I’m with a huge crowd of northbounders and I am passing south bounders left and right so it will be tough. I passed by the hut because I really didn’t feel like talking, you know, that social obligation we all have in the real world. I made my way down a couple miles to the Brook for water. Pretty sure it was the same water that came from lonesome lake where everyone was swimming in, but oh well it’s hot out.

Just past the Brook is the parking lot, where I know I need to hitch 5 miles into town. I am really not sure which way town is so I turn my phone off airplane mode, and my buddies had texted me they are at Franconia notch. This was at noon and it was now 5 pm so I called and they were just leaving. We met up for dinner, a chicken quesadilla, a burger and some beers. They have me all their leftovers and paid for it all. Thank you soooo much I’m sorry I’m so hungry all the time!

Afterwards we went to loon mountain and checked out the sunset over the Brook. Beautiful!


Ashley and Matt dropped me off at Chet’s hostel house thing and hung out with the hikers for a little bit before I bid them farewell. A wonderful day!


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2 Responses to Day 124 – NH

  1. Matt Thibodeau says:

    Good seeing you the other day. Keep up the good work!

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