Day 122 – NH

To Hikers Welcome hostel, Glencliff NH – 15 miles
1786 / 398 ish?

4 months on the trail! Whaaat.


Today was rough starting out. It rained all night and the trail was a complete mud pit. On top of that I had about a 1200 ft climb to mt cube, almost straight up. New Hampshire is basically straight up and down mountains, there are no switchbacks. And it is all roots rocks and mud. Also, they don’t refer to anything below 3000 ft as mountains, just hills. NH means business!

Well I got to the top of cube mt very slowly but the views were breathtaking. Pine trees and mountains for miles. And the best part was, it all smells like Christmas! The entire trail. It’s been wet pine trees all the way. I also got down cube mt very slowly as there was too much mud. Up and down a couple other ‘hills’.

I ended up at the hikers friendly hostel and am staying here for a couple nights. They offer Slackpacking up mousalaucke which I am taking advantage of. As I got in I saw moose bean dip davinci and dinosaur, and grasshopper offered me beers. We drank and did a store/pizza run where I picked up more beer and got a whole large pizza. Some hikers watched lord of the rings and I sat outside with he drinking crowd til around 10 pm!





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