Day 121 – NH

Moose Mt shelter to Hexacuba shelter – 17.7 miles
1771.8 / 413.5

It was supposed to storm last night and storm it did! Around midnight the wind kicked up and it started raining buckets! I could hear it hit the roof, and it was loud. The thunder was too, so I wasn’t doing much sleeping. I awoke around 6 when the alarm went off and hopped out of bed around 6:30. By bed I mean, tent, and yes I set it up in the shelter. The bugs were going nuts and there wasn’t a single soul in the shelter. I woke up to the sun shining through the mist and it was glorious!

So today’s climbs included a 1500 ft decline, a 1300 ft climb to holts ledge. a 1300 ft descent, a 2500 ft incline, a 2000 ft decline, and an 800 ft climb. Were back in the mountains folks! There were incredible views, and an incredible amount of mud. As I was climbing down smarts mountain, I heard thunder. I still had 6 miles to go.. Damn

It hit 20 minutes later, started with some rain and the thunder got closer. I knew it wouldn’t matter but I started hiking faster. Soon it was pouring and I actually put my rain jacket on. I made it in the rain to the next shelter, Hexacuba. There were already 5 people in the shelter but I made my home in there. I was out early, falling asleep to the sounds of the rain.







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