Day 120 – NH

Hanover NH to Moose Mt Shelter – 10.9 miles
1754.1 / 431.2

I slept amazing, except for when it gets light out at 4:45 am – seriously what’s up with that?? I was out of bed at 7:30 and got a ride back to Hanover at 9 ish. Ate a huge breakfast quesadilla at Lous and was on my way at 10. It was hot out. It rained last night, I could see the air, the humidity was crazy and it hit 88 today. Sooooo I was basically tired hot and sweaty. Woo!

I got up the first hill and both my hat and shirt were completely soaked. And it was only 10 am! But I got over it and made it down to the beginning of moose mountain. A 1500 ft climb but luckily with a shelter on top. I walked passed girl moose, davinci, bean dip and dinosaur, they were slack packing, I was jealous. I met Cornelius and h2o for the first time. Met a Southbounder named sandals who was hiking the whole trail in just his sandals. Crazy, I wonder if the bugs bother him.

I eventually made it to the shelter and called it quits. About 11 miles down, but not in any rush anymore. The white mountains Are 30 miles away! Crazy!

Oh yeah, and the privy here has absolutely no walls! Just a gazebo roof. Holla!






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