Day 119 – VT

Norwich VT to Hanover NH – 1.5 miles
1743.2 / 440.6

I was real tired after sleeping in the Thayers basement, I didn’t sleep well. So I decided to take an easy day. I made the 1.5 mile walk to New Hampshire and chilled at Dartmouth College campus. I got a list of numbers for the trail angels and called one that would pick me up at 12:45. I went and got a tasty Reuben sandwich from Lous and then got a ride.

The house I’m staying at is awesome. The couple had started to do this after getting caught in a huge storm and their car bottomed out. 2 hikers came out of no where and one was an auto mechanic, got under her car in the puddle and in the rain, and fixed the glitch. He refused payments and just asked her to pay it forward. So thanks to those hikers I’m in a very comfy place. Probably the most comfortable bed I have slept on!

They took me back to Hanover around 5 and I went to Ramuntos pizza for a slice and a beer. Thru hikers get a free slice, so awesome. Next I went to the salt hill pub, and got wings and more beer. Met another couple hikers there who were putting the drinks down and they bought shots. Came back to the house around 8 and slept wonderfully! Can’t wait to get back on the trail!





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