Day 117 – VT

The lookout to Cloudland shelter – 12.3 miles
1726.7 / 458.6

So tired today! Good thing today came with 2 places to get off trail for pie and baked goods! I was up at 6 because I couldn’t sleep anyways, and made it 2.5 miles to the next shelter by 8 am, and took a break. However, I realized pie was only 3.5 miles from there and mustered up all the energy I had. Made it by 10 am to the farm stand. I bought a breakfast burrito a whole small pie and Mountain Dew, and then took a pie nap!

It was beautiful today, cold and windy this morning but got to the 70s. We had some climbs after that but there was another market to stop at after another 6 or so miles. Cloudland market didn’t have much but when I asked what they had they sold me some potato salad they had leftover from last nights dinner, and I got some beef jersey and meatballs. Nom!

Climbed a couple mountains with good views, and made it to the shelter were at now. Calling it a day. I got eaten alive by bugs so I set up my tent right away and have been in it since 4. Is 6 pm too early for bed??







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