Day 116 – VT

Stony Brook shelter to The Lookout – 7.3 miles
1714.3 / 471.0

Holy crap it rained buckets last night! I didn’t sleep more than 2 hours because it was raining hard at 7 pm til 12 am with leaks in the roof! I was cuddled up in between prom queen and trail wife (both men) with hot man breath on either side. No one slept and too many in the shelter. No bueno.

I woke up at 7 am and we made it in the trail after 9. I was exhausted. I couldn’t hike mire than 2 miles without needing a break. Maybe it was the 90 degrees for 3 days in a row or maybe it was because it rained so much but I couldn’t hike. When we started the trail was a river. The few real river crossings we did have were so swoll and over full that the rocks we were supposed to cross had a rushing river over them. The brooks were swollasaurus-Rex. Swollbraham-Lincoln. Our feet got soaked immediately.

We ran into 6 Southbounders today! Real ones. Southbounders are thru hiking the trail as well, just in the opposite direction. They start at Maine and finish in Georgia. They are usually hardcore because they go against the grain, with less people. We eventually made it to the cabin at 7 miles, meaning to go 10 but fell in love. A completely indoor cabin with a tower on top, windows and doors to block wind (a novel idea), it was the ideal place to spend the 4th.

People started coming in and we met a Southbounder girl who ended up staying and her boyfriend. They were cool and we all drank and played guitar and watched the BEST Vermont sunset behind the storm clouds. I took way too many pictures, and it was beautiful. Got down to the 30s and we were all in our winter gear. It was super windy but great to be inside. Another beautiful day in Vermont!








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  1. Louise says:

    Great pics! I love the purpley one!

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