Day 115 – VT

Cooper Lodge shelter to Story Brook shelter – 16.7 miles
1707.0 / 478.3

Sleeping on top of Killington was awesome! It was a glorious morning! And I even slept until 6:45, whaaaat. No one died last night so that was a plus. We got out around 8 am and hit the trail down to the inn at the long trail.

The trail was entirely made up of small Christmas trees, and smelled like Christmas! So awesome. We hiked the 8 miles to the inn and had some amazing views. We got there around 10:30, and had to wait til 11:30 for it to open for food but in the meantime charged our phones and whatnot. Moose and Topo and grasshopper all made it in and we had burgers and hit the road to the post office.

Hung out at the post office/liquor store til about 1 pm and got back on the trail. But only until we found a huge beautiful lake. We decided to swim and fish (of course) and stayed for an hour or 2. Saw a girl fishing that was so pretty I had to go over and say hi. I just momentarily forgot I looked/smelled homeless.

Huge storms were on the way and we didn’t want to die so we made our way to the mountains. It was steep! We all died a little on the way up. But once on top, I victoriously played the opening credits song of terminator 2.. It’s a great pump me up song. You should play it every time you read my blog. I would literally take a girl to a symphony, IF they were playing the soundtrack of Terminator 2.

Anyways, made it to the shelter right before the rain came. I think were on our 4th inch of rain. Lightning everywhere! Thunder so loud, leaky roof, trail is a lake, etc. it won’t stop raining. Lightning struck the closest I’ve ever seen or heard twice and we thought about potential hikers out there. Well sure enough prom queen and trail wife come running in and were shaking that last strike scared them so bad. I felt it all through my body just from the noise!

The shelter is full and smelly, it’s still raining buckets and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. Ugh the trail will be horrible tomorrow.






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