Day 113 – VT

Griffith Lake Campsite to Minerva Hinchey Shelter – 19.5 miles
1676.3 / 508.0

Today was hot! It hit in the 90s for the first time on this trip.. But I woke up on a beautiful lake, looking at the lake. It was hard to get out of bed. But we left around 7:20 and hit the trail. It was pretty easy uphill but was very tough terrain. The rocks were literally sweating and were wet. Slipped a bunch of times. But made it up baker peak and down. Ran into the girl Emma, who we call Pooh Bear, due to the amount of honey she carries.

We hiked with her down to little rock camp ground, best swimming hole ever! Beautiful lake, went swimming and took a ride out on the canoe. I’m loving Vermont! However, it became severely hot and humid quickly. We were gasping for breath and drenched in sweat on both ups and downhills. We made it to white rock cliffs, where people had set up a bunch of cairns, or rocks placed on top of each other. We eventually made it the 17 miles up bear mountain, absolutely hating life and drenched in sweat. But only 2 miles past to the shelter.

At the shelter I gathered and chugged 2 liters of water, built fire with my bare hands, set up camp and then made pooh bear sing me Irish melodies on her beautiful singing voice. It really topped the night off. She is a true talent. We played card games and all around was a good time. I’m lying in bed listening to the thunderstorm approach, should be a decent one.









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  1. Maybe youll see the blair witch 😛

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