Day 112 – VT

Green Mountain House hostel to Griffith Lake campsite – 10.6 miles
1657.8 / 527.5

There’s been what, 9 days of summer so far? Today is already by far my favorite day of summer, and it’s only just beginning! I’m currently camped on a beautiful lake in Vermont, like literally camped 5 ft from said lake.. I’ve been swimming and fishing. This blog is being written in just my boxers while I dry off in the sun, I got to climb the beautiful Bromley today. ANNND I got to ride the alpine slide, FOR FREE!

That’s an action packed day! It all started at the hostel where were allowed to make ourselves breakfast with the available supplies. Pancake mix, coffee, eggs, all kinds of cereal, milk etc. I made some plump pancakes and coffee and started getting ready. I was up at 6:30 and asked to be taken to the trail around 9. Me fresh figgy and fletch all got dropped off together. We summitted The 3 miles to Bromley in about an hour, and I convinced figgy to come hike down and find this fabled alpine slide/zip line. Fresh and Fletch chilled atop Bromley taking in the breathtaking views.

We found the alpine slide, inquired, and found out hikers get on free! Got a sled and raced down videoing the whole thing. Amazing. Hit Concession stand at the bottom and then found out we could take the chair lift back up the mountain! Climbed the 700 ft back to the summit and chilled in the ski lift chair just staring out at the views. Wow. We realized now, that it was 12, that we weren’t going to do 14 miles as planned. We settled for 10.

We hiked the remaining 7 to Griffith lake where we found the dopest spot I’ve camped at yet. The water is almost warm and very easy to swim in! Fish just nibbling the toes; nom nom! Fished for a while, caught a fish, now just watching the sun set over the lake from my tent. Today sounds so far fetched if I didn’t actually just live it, id think I was lying. Incredible. Still loving the shit out of Vermont!











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2 Responses to Day 112 – VT

  1. john sullivan says:

    great pictures!

  2. Van Nomads says:

    I’ll have to remember the Alpine Slide freebie

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