Day 111 – VT

Story Spring Shelter to Green Mountain House, Manchester Center VT – 21.1 miles
1647.2 / 538.1


What a day! 21 miles in these mountains! Woke up to Grasshopper making his coffee around 5 am, but refused to get up. It was chilly out and the sun riding was beautiful, but I was just too cozy. I eventually became vertical around 6/6:15. It was such a pretty morning! Made coffee and left camp around 7:15.

We hit the bottom of Stratton Mountain after an hour or so and climbed the 1800 vertical feet of that bully. There was a fire tower on top where we met grasshopper, Topo, Survivorman and some section hikers. Beautiful sweeping views of Vernont! We could see Killington in the distance.



We jocked the mountain on the way down and hit Stratton Mountain Pond, beautiful place for lunch and try out the fishing pole. Thank you to the guy from Bennington!



We kept going a couple miles and met two lovely ladies from MA, who had lunch with us, asked about the trip etc. they also gave us great information about Manchester center. So we took off and halfway there found this beauty spot, called Prospect Rock!


Made it to Manchester where we were picked up by an older lady that got real weird with us and had us listen to a song about Clinton’s schlong. As far as awkward car rides, this takes the cake. We re supplied, ate way too much at mcdonalds and ended up at the hostel. This place rocks! Showers laundry free sodas, breakfast in the morning, DVDs etc. love this hostel. Picture of me with fresh, fletcher, and figgy.



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