Day 109 – VT

Seth Warner shelter to Melville Nauheim shelter – 13.1 miles
1608.7 / 576.6

A beautiful day in Vermont! Water logged, but beautiful. Woke up around 6:30 and since I didn’t have a rainfly, I was pretty cold. Packed up and got going around 8 am. The first 7 miles were long, it took us over 3 hours. But only because of villainy. Although it was beautiful and sunny, around 70 degrees, the trail was basically a running water source. It was confirmed that we had 4-5 inches of rain the other night, and it made the trail a mess!

After about 7 we sat down to chill at a nice stream. We saw fish and realized it’s about time to get a rod. I sat done and let my socks dry for about an hour before I realized I had to go to town to resupply and it was 4.3 miles away. We headed out around 12:45 and made it to the gap around 2:30. I stuck my thumb out for 2 minutes before getting a ride. Town was 5 miles away so we had to hitch. We got to the store where I got a crap load of food, met the person who offered a ride back to the trail immediately, and a nice kid literally gave us his fishing rod! He loved hearing about what we were doing and wanted to help out. And we needed a fishing rod. Awesome! I love Bennington!

We got back to the trail and were at the shelter by 4 pm. There was another couple there hiking the long trail south bound. We built a fire and talked to them for a while, they are interested in hiking the AT next year, I hope they do it. The air is starting to cool down as the fire dies, it’s another beautiful night on Vermont..






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