Day 108 – MA/VT

Mark Noepel shelter to Seth Warner shelter – 16.5 miles
1595.6 / 589.7

MA was beautiful! We were up in the Greylock wilderness. It rained all night and left an eerie mist that caused the trees to rain on us. We had to put on our soaking wet socks shirt etc, but our spirits raised soon after. It was so pretty out. There were a couple spots on the trail where it was a large stream instead of a trail with half foot ponds on the trail. It must have rained 4″ last night! We climbed up over Greylock and a couple other mountains. No views. We landed in North Adams around lunch.

Went to friendlys and ate $30 worth of food. So worth it. We headed out a couple hours later where we ran into shy bear. We hiked with him a little before he zoomed ahead. We had a 2000 ft incline and it wooped us good. We still had about 7 miles to go but it started to get real pretty. At about 2100 ft we hit the Vermont border! New state! It has certainly lived up to it’s reputation. There is mud everywhere! Maybe because it rained so much or maybe it’s always like this but we couldn’t walk directly on the trail at all.

It’s great to be in Vermont and getting some altitude again! Excited for the future.









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3 Responses to Day 108 – MA/VT

  1. BoobOnARock says:

    Photo of the pond is beautiful!

  2. Van Nomads says:

    These pictures really make me wish I was starting my trek already.

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