Day 107 – MA

Cookie Lady to Mark Noepel Shelter – 23.4 miles
1579.1 / 606.2

We are sitting up at a shelter around 3000 ft, in a crazy thunderstorm, wind whipping, rain coming down in buckets, rivers created and flowing under us. It’s about 8 pm and we are just grateful to be inside. We are with Topo, Dune and Grasshopper, all of whom dodged the rain. We did not have so much luck. Just listening to the rain hit the shelter makes me cozier now that I’m dry.


We began at the cookie lady’s and decided to try for 24 miles. We had Dalton after 10 and Cheshire after 20 and could get energy in each town. The first 10 miles were a breeze, we climbed a small mountain and it was only beginning to get hot. Once we reached Dalton, we realized just how hot and muggy it had become. We went to a sub shop and got some much needed energy before taking off again.

Leaving Dalton we had about a 1000 ft climb. We climbed it no problem but then We started to tire here, and made the decision to press on.



The downhill to Cheshire was easy and we made it around 4 pm. We hit an ice cream shop and Dunkin donuts and made our way. At 5 we found trail magic; sodas and food! We ate and drank as we watched potential storms roll in. We knew it was going to rain just didn’t know when. We had 4.6 miles left and weren’t too worried.


We were wrong. We started off and about 30 minutes on heard thunder. We had 3.5 miles left and our pace quickened. We felt drops. And then rain. And more thunder. Not too bad yet. The first storm passed and for a fleeting minute we thought we made it. And then it started to come down hard. Everything I own was wet, my shirt was a joke, I shoulda worn my rain jacket. The trail turned into deep puddles and the sky turned to midnight. We actually got worried we wouldn’t see the shelter turn off. I hadn’t been in a storm that late and severe in a while. Much less while summitting a 3k foot mountain.

But sure enough around 7 pm we found it. We rolled in hoping there was room and there was. Now were all cozy and I’m about to sleep listening to the rain hit the roof 🙂


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