Day 103-106 – MA

US 20 to the ‘Cookie Lady’s’ – 9.5 miles
1555.7 / 629.6

The last 4 days were spent at my parents house living the dream. Pool parties, Bon fires, grilling, food food food, lots of sleep etc. it was awesome and well needed. We finally got back on the trail today, which was hard in the fact I didn’t want to leave the comforts of home, but pleasant in the fact that we were in the woods again without a schedule.

We were treated to a 1000 ft incline to begin and it brought it all snapping back. Ohhh yeah, this is what it’s like. We crushed the easy 9 miles and made it to the cookie lady’s. She let us camp in her back yard and gave us free cookies. Not bad!





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