Day 102 – MA

Upper Goose Pond Cabin to MA 20 – 1.6 miles
1546.2 / 639.1

An extraordinary night at the cabin! Gandalf showed up just after us, happy was already there, and cabo. We stayed up well after 9 pm (whoa!) talking to the caretaker. When we woke up she already had coffee and
pancakes going. Chocolate chip and banana pancakes! What a great start to the day. It was raining but no one cared. We only had 2 miles to hike. We said goodbye to everyone as they left and hung our til around 8:45.


We hiked 2 miles to the US 20 where my mom picked us up with 6 sandwiches and sodas. It’s time to get off trail for about 5 days! Here’s what I’m talking about. Pool, grilling, eating, sleeping, eating, bonfires, eating, more pool. I absolutely love my parents house, and my dog shwayze is here!




Fresh went off to chill with his friend Dave in North Andover and I got very comfortable. Laundry shower swimming oh my! Watching game of thrones season 4 because they have HBO on demand!

I’ve lost 19 lbs so far this trip and I currently weigh 135 lbs. that is ridiculous, I weigh less than most women. Or do I weigh the same as Jackie Chan? Hmmm. So much to think about as I stuff my face. I’ve eaten 6 pancakes, 4 sandwiches, so much fruit, a yogurt, 3 sodas, a salmon dinner and dessert! Can’t wait to continue nefarious lifestyle for the next few days! Hope to gain some weight back!


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