Day 101 – MA

Mt Wilcox South shelters to Upper Goose Pond Cabin – 15.8 miles
1544.6 / 640.7



It was so hot last night I didn’t put my rain fly over my tent so the breeze would come in. I didn’t think twice about how windy it was getting, I just dozed off. I awoke suddenly to cold wet drops hitting my face, and looked up-lightning everywhere! Oh shit. Shit shit shit. Thunder rumbling loudly and the wind picking up.. Where is my headlamp? Found it. More rain. Unzip the tent, run outside. I’m barefoot in just my boxers. Where did I put my rain fly? More wind, more rain, colder this time. Thunder booms. Shit! There it is. Put on rainfly in record time. It’s raining hard now. Unzip rainfly and jump into tent soaked, zip up tent door. Look at watch. 1:30 am. I laugh. Seriously?! Try to fall back asleep but I’m just alert now. I listen to the storm pass, very close by. The thunder is extremely loud and it rains very hard for a long time.

That was my night last night! Perfect way to end (or begin) the perfect day. I wake up at 6 am and it’s beautiful out. Breezy, cloudy, no rain, mid 60s. Yessss thank you rain! I’m exhausted. But aren’t I always? I get up at 6:30 and start packing and eating. It ends up being one of the nicest days yet! Cloudy and breezy and a high of 77 all day! The trees are just blowing around in waves and the forest smells like pines after a fresh rain storm. So many beautiful sights! So green, pine needle paths, rivers and ponds all around.

We finish 8 miles around 11 am and chill for lunch on a quiet road, just watching the clouds whip by up ahead. It was seriously my least favorite day yesterday and today turns into one of my favorite. Strange how that works. We finish the remaining 8 miles, climbing Mt. Baldy, a 1900 ft mountain. The hills are getting higher and higher, soon we will be above 3000 ft again! And in Vermont, over 4000. NH; 5 and 6000 ft. Exciting!

We finally arrive to our destination and there are hikers chilling at the cabin with the caretaker, a young woman. She hiked last year and had volunteered to caretaker for a week this summer. If I could spend the entire summer here I would. They have a private lake with 2 docks and a couple canoes. Of course I went out on one! They have a cozy fire roaring downstairs and bunks with mattresses upstairs. Best part is, she is making us coffee and pancakes in the morning!






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