Day 100 – MA

Race Brook Falls Campsite to Mt Wilcox South Shelters – 21.5 miles
1530.6 / 654.7

Day 100! Heyyooo. It’s surreal to think I’ve been out in these mountains for 100 days, and I still have 600+ miles to go.. Months really.. It’s a cool feeling. A feeling deVoid of anxiety. This also means my beard is 100 days old. Awesome!

I’m writing this blog, completely beat, from my tent. It was 83 today, humid as efffff, and the bugs were out in the thousands. I lost track of killed Mosquitos and quickly tired of swatting away anything from my head. It was pure misery, torture, but I knew these days would come. On the plus side we had some views today.



We chose to do 21 today and leave 16 for tomorrow as it will be hotter.. Ugh. I will blog more tomorrow if I’m not dead by then.



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