Day 97 – CT

Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter to Falls Village, CT – 18.1 miles
1488.3 / 697.0

And it poured last night! I literally didn’t sleep because I looked out the window of my tent and saw an inch of water pooled up around my tent. I opened the zipper and pushed a sandal and sure enough it floated away. Under my vestibule I had my sandals, rain jacket, shoes, etc, all sitting in an inch of water. It was still raining hard, and was enough to keep me awake in fear of drowning. I could push down next to my air mattress and push my tent down through the water, it was unnerving.

Finally got to sleep and woke up with everything drenched. Oh well, packed it all up and dried it off later. Fresh and I had hiked for about an hour before we stumbled upon his sister in the middle of the trail. She had set up trail magic, water melon, pineapple, and oranges and we murdered it. She offered to slack pack us and we excitedly said yeah! 7.5 miles later and we met her again for more trail magic. All kinds of cokes, sandwiches, chips, ice cream! It was delicious, thank you!!

She also slack packed us again, another 9 miles to Falls Village. The hike was beautiful, it was 70 and breezy, perfect hiking weather! We saw white birch trees for the first time, which made me feel back at home. The trail has been beautiful since crossing to New England, lots of pines etc. I’m loving this trip! Thanks for the trail magic!!!





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