Day 96 – CT

Bulls Bridge to Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter – 14.4 miles
1470.2 / 715.1

Day 3 of rain. If I didn’t sleep in a house last night id be soaked and smelly, but I’m just soaked. We got Dunkin donuts! And made it to the trail by 9:45. Id say it started raining at 10:00. It took us 3 hours plus to make it 7.5 miles to the shelter, and it rained hard for about 2 of those hours. I’m talking rivers down the trail, soaked to the bone type of rain. The trail was mostly slick rock, so we went slow. It was quickly discouraging.

As we caught sight of the shelter, it miraculously stopped raining, and we dried off for a couple minutes, before pushing on to Kent, CT for a resupply. We walked the 1 mile to town and realized why this place hates hikers.. Everything was so clean, pristine, trimmed, fresh painted, grass mowed like this morninged, art sculptured, etc! It was beautiful! I would hate us too. In fact, I felt guilty for setting foot there, I felt dirty, I averted eye contact. However we still got offered a ride back to the trail by someone who didn’t mind us.

Once we were back on the trail, it turned beautiful again. No rain, just that new forest smell, like a pine right after a rain shower!! And it was green, every where. I immediately got that sense of the ‘green tunnel’ people speak of. It was also around this time I got lost in my head with my thoughts and realized, this is the perfect place to be, I’m so lucky to have nothing better to do today, this weekend, this week, this month, next month etc. I had no worries about tomorrow, or the future, although that does cross my mind, or the past. I was finally in the now. I get it, it’s a cool place to be.

We kept hiking until we got to the housatonic river, where the trail got even more beautiful! Pine needles underfoot and sand, a texture that made you literally bounce with every step. I had to laugh to myself as I realized, yes, this is real life.

However, as dream like as it sounds, I’m currently in my tent, awaiting the punishing storm I can hear off to the distance, growling at me, and I know were in for a big one, all night. I saw a radar report and immediately wish I hadn’t. It just started to sprinkle and the sky is making unpleasant guttural noises.. Well, here’s to staying dry!




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