Day 94 – NY

RPH shelter to Pawling, NY – 17.5 miles
1442.4 / 742.9

Tonight, I ended up camping in my 2nd public park, drinking beers with Liam Neesons arborist! Now I’m only 2 degrees separated from the man! So random, but when we finished hiking for the day, we were headed 3 miles into Pawling NY to resupply and camp, and literally 30 seconds after being on the road, this guy shows up in a pick up truck, gets out of his car to greet us, and takes us in! He showed us around town, dropped us off, and came back around 8 with a cooler of beer. Such a nice guy!

Anyways, we started the day pretty lazily as it started to pour around 7 am. I made coffee and read a little as the rain came down. It stopped and we left around 8:15. I was full of energy, I think eating the entire pizza and a good breakfast helped out immensely. A huge dinner is imperative if you want to be at your best the next day hiking. I’ve had a couple days of just being completely fatigued and sluggish if I didn’t eat well the night before. It sucks.

Well not too long after we left it started sprinkling, and that lasted for a couple hours til it started pouring! It rained hard on us for another hour until we got to the first shelter at 9 miles for lunch. We stopped at a deli 4 miles before the shelter where I bought and packed out a sandwich, coke and brownie. I also ate a breakfast sandwich and coffee cake at the deli, so I was eating well today!!

The next 8 miles were a breeze, we eventually dried off and warmed back up, passed a jacked up Nissan Altima and then eventually met our driver, liam Neesons arborist. Ohh yeah, and yesterday was my 3 month anniversary on the trail!




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5 Responses to Day 94 – NY

  1. Mark Zarecki says:

    It was pleasure meeting you guys. Best of luck on the rest of your journey.
    Great blog. Now I can experience trail life vicariously through you. Whoooo buddy!

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