Day 93 – NY

Greymoore Spiritual Center to RPH shelter – 18.8 miles
1424.9 / 760.4

I slept MAYBE 4 hours last night, so exhaustion set in hard today. Haven’t been sleeping well for a couple days now. We got up and out pretty early, around 7:45, with fully charged electronics. The church bells played songs for 5 minutes every hour until I fell asleep the first time.

We made pretty good timing for the first half of the day. The terrain has started to calm down a bit, no huge mountains to summit, no crazy ups or downs, but still a lot of ups and downs. It was about 75 today and cloudy, super humid though. It was misting and or feeling like it was about to rain all day. That, and the fact the ground was wet from last night, made it all kinds of buggy. I lost count after killing 10 Mosquitos, all of which bit me, and didn’t count the ones that got away. Seriously getting LIT UP out here.

We had lunch near a stream, for like 30 minutes til we couldn’t take the bugs anymore and set off. There was a cafe that we later found wasn’t open that we wanted to get to. It was at a beautiful lake, Canopus Lake beach.

We got to the lake and unlike every water source in NJ and NY, it actually smelled like a decent lake! I don’t know why this excited me, but it did. Maybe signified I was getting close to NH/ME. Well the cafe was not open, and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. So I hooked up my phone in the restroom to charge, and fell asleep on a park bench.

Fresh was passed out in the grass near me and a guy in a tractor told us there was a campground up ahead. I politely declined and said I’m gonna stay here for another hour before moving on, which seemed to annoy the man. Well he went away like I hoped and I rested again.

We hit the finale of today’s trail after the lake, a pretty steep uphill section to Shanendoah mountain, which had a 911 memorial flag painted on top.


The trail went 1000 ft down to our current shelter, which oddly enough, is in a neighborhood. I couldn’t imagine living on the same street as a hiker shelter haha. All that homeless looking hiker trash.. Well the good news is pizza delivers here, and I ate an entire one to myself. The caretaker showed up shortly after and hung out with us just shooting the breeze. I guess it would be cool to have a hiker shelter in your hood! Our mansion privy..



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