Day 92 – NY

Tiorati Circle to Greymore Spiritual Center – 20.7 miles
1406.1 / 779.2

We’ve traveled over 1400 miles. Numbers have started to lose meaning after 1000, every week blending together, each milestone passing without much notice. The 2 big things were looking at are miles left, and states.

Best trail magic ever last night and this morning, so thanks to the Hayden’s! They cooked us eggs bacon and pancakes this morning, coffee, and gave us a ride back to the trail at 8 am. Spirits were high! The weather changed in our favor too. It rained all night and it was 60ish and misty for the day. We had a couple tough mountains again, but nothing seemed to really drain us today.




We eventually got to the trail zoo, which the trail goes right through. It was interesting to read some of the signs.



Afterwards we went to lunch in fort Montgomery, a mile or 2 off the trail. Walked through the historic fort, where you stood on various decks and ‘imagined’ what it was like, as all you were staring at was a field of grass for the most part. Went to Foodies pizza and had a really good huge NY style pizza, or ‘pie’ as the guy called it. Pizza has been phenomenal last week or so, I must admit.

Got back on the trail and headed to the Graymoore Spiritual Center, where I am currently camped at their baseball field, with some other thru hikers. Uhaul, dozer, fresh, gentle spirit and west are all here tonight.





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