Day 91 – NY

Wildcat shelter to Tiorati Circle – 15.4 miles
1385.4 / 799.9

86 degrees, super buggy! My back has once again chaffed from the pack so bad, it has scabbed up. Probably the hardest day on the trail, both physically and mentally, one of those days you really just want to quit, but it has a good ending. I’m in the BEST most comfiest trail angels house, free food, dinner, ice cream, breakfast tomorrow, a huge living room with all kinds of good music to listen to whilst reading my book, a bed to sleep in with AC, I spoiled the ending…

Woke up at 6:30 and started packing up. Immediately mauled by a gang of lurking mosquitoes. I couldn’t stand still for more than a minute, it was just unfair.. We started at 7:30 fully intending to hike 22 miles. Ha! We got 2 miles into the hike before the trail went straight up. Like straight up to where we had to use our hands to climb. Straight up for 200 ft. And the straight down. And then straight up 400 ft. And then straight down. You get the picture. This is the same section that has the ‘lemon squeezer’.

By noon we had only hiked 8.1 miles. 8 miles in 4.5 hours! Not only that, we were completely fatigued.. We met a couple section hikers that gave us cherries and a sandwich, which was amazing and seemed to give us energy. Then we came up to the next mountain, another 400 ft rock wall that we had to scramble. Energy immediately vanished. Luckily, because water was scarce and brackish, trail angels had left gallons of water at each road. We were chugging and I was still peeing yellow, I couldn’t keep up!

One trail angel left a card saying need a place to stay? Hearty meal? Etc, call us. We did, and thank goodness they answered. We arranged a pickup 15 miles in and once we arrived, we were treated to luxury. The blast of AC hit me in the face, the shower was amazing, he Cooked us curry chicken rice and green beans, we had seconds, we had ice cream and strawberries, also with seconds. We put on the allman brothers while watching sports center while reading because we like to party. He offered us a beer. Life was good again.

I’m writing this in the most comfortable bed I have yet to sleep in. The trail sucks sometimes, I was already mentally prepared for it, but it still happens. But even in the time of your lowest lows, something that can only be described simply as magical can/will happen. ‘The trail provides’ is a saying we hear often. It provides in more ways than one. A rough day with a beautiful ending. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!





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  1. Van Nomads says:

    That is awesome to hear!

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