Day 90 – NJ / NY

St Thomas church-Vernon, NJ to Wildcat shelter – 17.1 miles
1370.0 / 815.3

Getting out of town was a little tougher than getting in. We had to walk the 2 miles. However with free church ziti and Dunkin donuts for breakfast it wasn’t an issue. We got to the ‘stairway to heaven’ climb right after about 100 cub scouts got there. We climbed the absolute shit out if that mountain! It was very tough, and steep, and rocky, and I felt awesome every time little kids asked ‘you hiked from Georgia?!’ All I could hope for, is that these little ones wanted to grow old and homeless like me one day!

It was 83 today, hot and buggy.. However We pressed on and made it to… New York! Permanently. We were switching back and forth between NJ and NY but now were here until CT. Another state!


The border of NY was very bouldery, but we got some good glimpses of people having more fun than us down on Greenwood lake!



After this we had some steep climbs, nothing too long, but steep. One even used a ladder!


After what seemed like an eternity out in the hot sun, with bugs eating us alive, the only thing powering us on was a nice cream shop right off the trail, before our destination. We got there around 6, smelly and sweaty, and I had the best strawberry milkshake/root beer ever!

Once at the shelter I tried to sleep in the shelter and blog but the bugs were so horrible and it was so hot, I actually came down and set my tent up. I’m sitting in here listening to those little bastards.

New Jersey was absolutely beautiful, and I know NY can be too, so I’m very excited for the hike from here on out!


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