Day 89 – NJ

Unionville, NY to St Thomas Church in Vernon, NJ – 11.8 miles
1352.9 / 832.4

And then sometimes you stop to talk to a stranger and they ask you if you’re going to a hostel you’ve never heard of, which happens to be an Episcopalian church in New Jersey, full of free church ziti, and the movie ‘the other guys’. Heck yes!


So instead of 17 miles like planned, we did about 12. It was absolutely beautiful out today! In the 60s, cloudy, perfect hiking weather. We hiked over some pretty steep terrain after unionville, and made our way to the marshlands, complete with boardwalks and everything. The boardwalk was pretty, and lasted for about a mile.


After we came to the road that lady told us about, and hitched a ride into town in a 2 door complete with a 2 year old crazy dog. We got to st Thomas and at first couldn’t figure out how to get in, and then saw it was downstairs. We looked around, and read signs like ‘food in fridge is for hikers’, raced to the fridge, opened it, and found heaven in the form of 5 lbs of cooked church ziti and cookies etc.

We are very well, watched movies all night, and overall might be my favorite hostel. No one was around except for hikers, and there’s a Dunkin donuts next door..


Fresh even found a nice little bathrobe to use.


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2 Responses to Day 89 – NJ

  1. Hello, William. We are the couple who engaged you in conversation during a meal in the Denver airport! Tom and Dana Ericson! We live in Des Moines, Iowa. I just found the note deep in a pocket of my wallet with info on the Appalachian Trail Blog! I have signed up to follow you! The photos are great…I now have to travel backwards to the Day # 1 and catch up!
    I think you did not have a beard when we met you! quite a growth! Take good care and know we are following along!

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