Day 88 – NJ

Gren Anderson Shelter to unionville basketball court – 20.1 miles
1341.1 / 844.2

Tonight I am sleeping in a public park next to a bball court, and just had a lady offer me a bag of day old bagels for a dollar. This is homeless.


Woke up and it was raining heavily so I slept in until 7:30!!! Whaaaat. I just sat there listening to rain, and making coffee and reading my book. It was a lovely morning!


We eventually left at 8:30, and walked in the rain for the morning. At the top of sunrise mountain there was a place to throw out our garbage. We chilled there and took in the rainy day views. We walked another 8 miles and found a dope lake to lunch at.

Right after there was a tower we saw but didn’t climb.


Now I’m chilling in this park, sleeping on this basketball court and blogging.



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