Day 87 – NJ

Rattlesnake campsite to Gren Anderson Shelter – 17.9 miles
1321.0 / 864.3

Finally got some sleep! I love my tent. I was out by 10 and woke up by 6. It was a beautiful morning and not too cold! Had some breakfast and enjoyed the moment. All morning we had a cool breeze. Such a nice change if weather.

We left at 7:10 and the birds were chirping, the breeze was nice and cool, the terrain was alright. It was a good day. Around 9:30 am I was walking and minding my own business, turned a corner and just see this.

A bear on the middle of the trail, head lowered, staring intently at me. The other bear I saw didn’t bother me, this one did. Luckily the trail went left, we got on it, not realizing it paralleled the road 15 ft left. We looked up and it was still on the same spot, staring at us. We laughed, albeit nervously. It started walking up the road so we waited a minute and continued. We were walking slowly listening for noises knowing there’s a bear to our right and up ahead, and suddenly it crossed our paths on the trail. I shouted ‘Ohh’ and I think stretch peed himself. That fucker walked up the trail up the mountain so we had to follow it!

We waited 5 min this time and got to the top, saw some turkey vultures just getting all vulture-like.


We saw a 2nd bear and were now afraid. We kept going cuz that one ran from us and we got maybe 10 more minutes when we heard crashing and grunting. 2 bears! One chasing the other up the hill. And then they were suddenly coming at us. Fresh literally turned around and ran. And I said fuck this and started hiking south on the trail. I turned around to look Again and They turned 100 ft from us down another hill never to be seen again. Too many bears!

We made it to the shelter by 12:30 and sat for 1.5 hours chilling. The best part about going to fast recently is that we have to start slowing down. 18 mile days are what I call easy days. I’m getting into it!

Eventually we left the shelter around 2. We made 3.5 miles to blancheville New Jersey and found a restaurant on the lake. We chilled there for 2 hours playing horseshoes and listening to locals. We met one that had his shirt off within 1 minute of hitting the patio. It was that type of crowd.

Weave the shelter we are staying at around 7:15. There are 4 other section hikers here, all armed with beer. We had a safety meeting, due to the amount of bears, and life is good.




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