Day 86 – PA/NJ

Delaware Water Gap, PA to Rattlesnake campsite – 13.5 miles
1303.1 / 882.2


Over 1300 miles complete, and in a new state, New Jersey! Even though I’m on day 86, I’m looking at the number of miles I have left and while it may seem like a lot, it’s not enough. I’ve been having a terrific time meeting all kinds of new people and seeing new places and I just don’t want to think about it ending. Going to start slowing down now that I’m out of Pennsylvania!

Today started out beautifully. I ate at a diner for breakfast with moxie and the Fox’s (little and big fox) a and headed out around 9. Today was a planned slow day so we hoofed up to sunfish pond with me fresh and the foxes for lunch. We laid out, went swimming, listened to music, ate, it was great!



Pretty soon windscreen and Pedro joined us. We chilled for over 1.5 hours before hearing thunder, looking up and seeing some big clouds headed our way. We packed up and hiked for about an hour when it hit. We walked soaking in our t shirts and the rain eventually stopped. We went to Mohican outdoor center for sodas and a sandwich and all of a sudden it was like a hurricane outside! It was cold too. Went from 84 to 60 something real quick. Waited that out and moved on.

We hit a lookout tower and stopped for a break. Everyone trickled into this spot at the same time. There must have been 15 thru hikers.


We hiked on again after a quick hiker party and hit the campsite were at now. Built a fire and had some good conversation. Seymore and coco caught up too so there were 6 of us tonight! Good to see so many people!


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2 Responses to Day 86 – PA/NJ

  1. Van Nomads says:

    So excited to do this! Quick question, I plan to blog along the way as well and was wondering what you were using to do it? Are you just using your cell or did you bring an iPad and are you using cell service or wifi to upload? Just trying to get a feel for what I’ll need out there.

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