Day 85 – PA

Wind Gap to Delaware Water Gap – 15.6 miles
1289.6 / 895.7

Waking up after sleeping behind a bar on a busy street was… Interesting. The sun was blaring at 6:15 and already heated up my tent! I did not know it could get that hot that early! We got out around 7:45 and were on the trail by 8. The trail was once again, very rocky. It took us an hour to do the first 2 miles.

It got really hot and we made ok time after that. We made it to the shelter 9 miles in around noon. Took a 45 minute break and moved on. We made the trek pretty harmlessly and moved on to Delaware water gap. It’s a cool small town and we are staying at the church on the mountain. We got to meet two new thru hikers, the fox sisters, or big and little fox. We all went to the diner and I ate a pizza burger and also ordered an egg and bacon sandwich.

Afterwards I stopped by the bakery and bought a cheesecake. So good! We came back to the hostel and have just been listening to music and reading. A nice relaxing short day! And I finally made it to my destination before 8 pm.






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