Day 84 – PA

Palmerton, PA to (campsite? I’m tenting here) behind a bar in Wind Gap, PA – 20.1 miles
1274.0 / 911.3

So let’s discuss the elephant in the room, I’m camped out in a town, across a busy road from a very well lit gas station, behind a bar open til 2 am called beer stein. This is awesome? It’s 11 pm, and were trying to wake up at 6. The bar is very hiker friendly and there is another 6 people camped here with us. Just a real weird situation.

Anyways, I got up at 6 this morning and went to go get breakfast and realized it’s Sunday, they don’t open til 8 am. Got the latest book out I’m reading ‘the 47th samurai’ and went outside to read. Around 7 am a guy came by walking his dog and asked how my hike was going. He handed me $6 and said this is for breakfast. I immediately went inside to look at myself in the mirror.. I look homeless. I ate 6 eggs, bacon, homefries and toast, thanks stranger!

We started hiking at 10 am and immediately realized it was a horrible idea. Lehigh gap is known for being tough and rocky. It was rocky steep and very hot. The other problem was that there was no water sources for 11-16 miles, and we were able to run out of water pretty quickly. The heat, inclines, and lack of shade all add up. The rest of the hike was on and off smooth sailing. Of course my feet felt like they would fall off at any minute from the rocks.

We made it to wind gap at 8:50 and the sun had already set. Set up our tents had dinner and were in bed by 11. Horrible night of sleep but just another unique experience.





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2 Responses to Day 84 – PA

  1. Louise Trakimas says:

    My mother grew up in Palmerton, PA! So we went there as kids to visit my awesome Grandmother. Not saying Palmerton is so awesome-but my Grandmother was-s good memories!
    I am impressed that you have made it this far! Good job! And continue on! Love reading your posts-living vicariously through you! Louise

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